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PACST(Presidential Advisory Council on Science & Technology)
was established in May 1991 under the constitution to advise the
President about science and technology(S&T) policy and
development in the Republic of Korea

PACST is authorized to do three main tasks: 1) to develop strategic
policies related to technological innovation and human resources
development, 2)to provide proper guidelines for system reforms to
the ministries related to S&T as well as the President, 3)to
undertake special tasks which are playing a more critical role.

Science and Technology are playing a more critical role in
improving the quality of life and the welfare of the people and in
increasing national competitiveness. Our success will depend
on how well we develop new technologies and exploit them. This calls for an all-out efforts to improve the national capabilities
through technological innovation. In the new century, PACST
will do its part by taking greater responsibilities and focusing on several key areas such as overall coordination of national R&D
programs and building and strenthening of infrastructures needed
in the development and advancement of newly emerging frontiers
in such as IT(Information Technology), BT(Biotechnology),
NT(Nanotechnology), ET(Environment Technology), etc

Technological innovation will be more important then ever to our
national economy; PACST will work much harder to make the
nation a leader in S&T in 21st century.

Thank you.


Kim, Woo-Sik

Minister of Science&Technology
Vicechairman of PACST